Yoga & Ayurveda Services


In today’s world it can be difficult to stop-think-relax-reflect.  Once you’re more relaxed and focused, it’s much easier to think more clearly. With guided assistance you can enjoy the many benefits of yoga and meditation, and Ayurveda for holistic health and wellness.

Yoga and Meditation Sessions
SattvicLiving combines yoga asana and pranayama breathing techniques, designing private individual and group sessions based on your needs and ability.

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Individual Ayurveda Consultation
Do you have issues with weight management?
Are you anxious and need assistance with controlling your level of stress?
Do you feel depleted of energy? 

Ayurveda provides information, awareness and remedies for your ailments.  Beginning with an understanding of your unique constitution, SattvicLiving guides you through lifestyle modifications to achieve optimal health using nutrition counseling, yoga and meditation.

Your individual consultation includes:

  • A Prakriti evaluation, including a thorough analysis of the five elements within your body (space, air, fire, water & earth)
  • An analysis of your primary and secondary Dosha, and
  • Recommendations for improving imbalances through yoga, meditation and nutrition.

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“Neelu offers herself as a valuable source of information to yoga students and teachers alike.  As a teacher of an ancient art, she brings creativity to her work and bring[s] deeper yogic insights and experience to more people.  Neelu radiates enthusiasm and professionalism and works hard to share the transformative powers and benefits of yoga with others.”
~ Kaity, Forest Hills, NY

“I was guided through intuition to sign up for an Ayurveda screening with Neelu, as a natural progression of my spiritual practice. I had been actively practicing Yoga and Meditation, but just felt there was more I could be doing to enhance my practice and my overall physical health. As someone who questions everything, I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical of the process, but decided to go through it with an open mind and open heart. In hindsight, it was one of the most insightful and beneficial experiences of my life. Neelu’s warm, compassionate energy melted away any preconceived boundaries, and it really just felt like I was conversing with an old friend. When I received her detailed and amazingly accurate report, I could not believe my eyes. Within it was everything that I had been seeking and more, and it really helped me further grow in my Spiritual practice through helping me find that ever elusive balance. I AM forever grateful for Neelu, and really feel she has been blessed with a gift that can benefit All.”
~ Nicholas, Queens, New York