About Us

neelu_2014-2Neelu Kaur founded SattvicLiving in 2011.  Neelu became interested in the healing power of yoga and meditation when she began her own spiritual journey with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living course in 2005.  She enrolled in the course because she felt something was missing in her quest for ‘success’ and had begun to question her purpose from both a professional and personal perspective.  With Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s guidance on pranayama and meditation, the haze began to be lifted.

“I felt I needed to study more and immerse myself in the practice and philosophy of Yoga.”

This is exactly what she did, earning many certifications in addition to her professional degrees from New York University and Columbia University.  Neelu became a both a student and teacher of yoga and meditation.

In SattvicLiving, Neelu has brought together the holistic philosophies and literal practices she has learned and taught with her significant professional experience and academic background in organizational and career coaching.

“Neelu is a true yogini and her practice reflects her commitment and dedication to a spiritual lifestyle. As a teacher of an ancient art, she brings creativity to her work, and I am always happy to work with Neelu because she radiates enthusiasm and professionalism and works hard to share the transformative powers and benefits of yoga with others.”
~ Kaity, Yoga Studio Owner